About Meredith


Howdy! My name is Meredith. I’m married to “The Pilot.” He and I met on eHarmony in 2010 and were married in 2011.

We spent the first three years of our marriage and his first fleet tour in Jacksonville, NC. We had our ups ad downs, highs and lows, but we made it out of there stronger and excited to embark on our latest adventure.

We are currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan where we are doing are best to drive on the right side of the road (which is actually the left) and to eat authentic ramen soup with chopsticks. Believe me, both of those things are much harder than you’d think!

This blogs is dedicated to being totally honest about how much I don’t know when it comes to being a military wife. Here is where I’ll share with you all the small victories, all the learning curves, and all the little things that make life in the Marine Corps so colorful. It’s not always pretty and put together. It’s not always easy. But friend, everyday standing alongside a Marine is worth it.

Semper Fidelis.