A Look Back at The Last 12 Months


Let’s cut to the chase. I’ve been MIA lately. And by lately, I mean for the last 12 months.

Almost 365 days exactly since my last post.

Obviously, we have a lot to catch up on.

Ready? Go!

First thing first. The Pilot (and approximately 1,500 fellow Marines) returned safely home from an eight month deployment last July. Here’s a fun look back at their homecoming.








It goes without saying that, no matter how strong your marriage or how intentional your communication is while they’re away, coming together again, face to face, after spending the better part of a year separated can be a lot to take in. It can be overwhelming to realize that there will be things about your spouse you have to relearn. It’s sobering to accept that there are things about him you didn’t remember. Or at least, didn’t realize you had forgotten.

Wanna know how The Pilot and I tackled reintegration head on?

We PCS’d. From North Carolina to Okinawa, Japan. Movers boxed up everything we owned within three weeks of him getting home, quite literally putting it on a slow boat to Asia, and we took a month to drive from the East Coast to the West Coast before hopping on the Patriot Express. We called it our #FarewellAmericaTour2015.

I’ll be honest. I was terrified.

I’ve never been one for road trips and the idea of being in the car with him for hours and days and weeks on end gave me anxiety. I was worried we would exhaust conversational topics before the first pit stop. I was also worried that he’d grow irritated with how many pit stops I would end up requiring because I don’t know how to pace myself when drinking Coke Zero.

As with nearly everything I have ever worried about, nothing I feared actually materialized. As a matter of fact, I discovered that I love road trips with my husband. Audio books are an amazing invention (thank you, Audible) and The Pilot has a saint-worthy level of patience when it comes to how completely inept I am at using Google maps.

Nearly four weeks later and after over a dozen stops to see family and friends scattered all over the country, we touched down on the southern most island of Japan. And for The Pilot, it’s been busy from the word, “Welcome.”

After being informed at the airport that he would not be in an office job at the MAG (Marine Air Group) like he was originally told, he was sent to a squadron that has kept him feverishly busy and flying all over the region. He was sent to Malaysia within a few weeks of checking in, leaving me to receive, unpack, and setup all of our household goods while he was away. But let me completely transparent– I was happy to do it. There are some things that I know I am good at it and that I enjoy conquering on my own. Home organization is one of them. Because I am a total control freak.

There I said it. *sigh* Hi, my name is Meredith and I have Monica Geller-like OCD tendencies. Moving on.

We had a quiet holiday season learning how to navigate an island where we can neither read nor pronounce any road names and have, for fear of starvation, quickly adapted to learning how to eat ramen soup with chopsticks.

Which brings us to present day.

About two weeks ago, he deployed again. I’ll grant you it’s a short two month cruise. But I must admit, it feels a little too soon. Especially when North Korea launches a “satellite” in this islands’ general direction and my eighth floor apartment vibrated the other night due to a friendly little 4.2 earthquake.

Did I freak out? On the inside, you betcha.

Did I send The Pilot a frantic email describing in great detail all of the apocalyptic scenarios I had contrived in my mind that all resulted in our utter demise and untimely death? Nope. I don’t do that kind of thing… anymore.

So how do I spend my time, you ask? What am I doing now that I am not working and living on a tropical island in the south pacific?

*blank stare*

That is an excellent question. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, please pray for my sanity.

Over and out.