The Year in Review

As 2012 comes to a close I realize that I missed the mark on creating a cute Christmas card to send to family and friends. So instead of paying for postage and printing fees, I’m capitalizing on the blog.

For the Pilot and I, 2012 seemed to move at warp speed. The Pilot’s list of accomplishments are much more impressive than mine, so I’ll start with him.

The Pilot in 2012

  • The Pilot completed advanced aviation training in Corpus Christi and received his wings. He is now officially a “Naval Aviator.” *Que Top Gun theme song
  • The Pilot completed the FRS for the Osprey (seen in photo above) in August and was given the official title of “Tilt Rotor Second Pilot.”
  • The Pilot was then sent Marine Medium Tilt Rotor Squadron-365, one of the most reputable Osprey squadrons in the Marine Corps. They had just gotten back from Afghanistan after a 6 month deployment shortly before he joined the squadron. He is now the squadron’s legal officer.
  • In November, the Pilot was promoted to Captain.
  • All in all, the Pilot has been busy being amazing.

Then there’s me.

Mere in 2012

  • I had my first cavity…
  • I started shaving my legs more than once a week, per the Pilot’s request
  • I developed a staggering amount of Einstien-like grey hair
  • I didn’t burn any meals
  • And successfully decorated our home

Together in 2012

  • We moved to Jacksonville, North Carolina
  • We celebrated our one year anniversary!
  • We successfully completed every season of the following shows (because there is nothing else to do in Jacksonville):
  1. Dirty Jobs (8 seasons)
  2. Psych (6 seasons)
  3. Bones (7 seasons)
  4. The Office (8 seasons)
  5. White Collar (3 seasons)
  6. Arrested Development (3 seasons)
  7. Downton Abby (2 seasons)
  8. Sherlock (2 seasons)
To sum things up, it’s been an epic adventure and a steep learning curve, both in marriage and the Marine Corps.
From our family to yours, the Pilot and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!