About the end of the world…

So tomorrow is the end of the world, according to the Mayans.

*Insert sad face here*

Kind of a bummer. Especially right before Christmas because I’m pretty sure I was going to score some huge brownie points for the gifts I found for the Pilot.

Let’s take a moment to give a round of applause to the sheer genius of the man who invented the Amazon “Wish List.”

Ok, back to the demise of the human race.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say, I think the Mayan’s are wrong. Call me crazy, but I just have this hunch.

The likelihood of an ancient people group forecasting a cataclysmic event (that they’re not even here to witness) just seems far-fetched.

Honestly, I think this cartoon is a lot closer to the truth.


Only one way to find out though, right?

Best of luck tomorrow and “may the odds be ever in our favor.”

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  1. SarahK says:

    I LOVE that cartoon. Thanks for the wishes of good odds 🙂

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