Giving Biblically

It’s that time of year again. When the expectation of receiving gifts marries the pressure to give as equally as you hope to get. When the whole point of giving is inevitably lost amidst the obligation. When the act of giving is carried out merely due to tradition and the gifts given are more a reflection of the desire for momentary satisfaction instead of long-term fulfillment. Perhaps the greatest tragedy is this: we, most of us, have the financial ability to buy what we want but are blinded to the fact that our neighbor can not buy what they need.

This is the real war on Christmas. The nearsightedness of how we are called to give.

Compassion International recently issued this challenge: “What does biblical giving look like today?”

As I have thought about it for the last several days and as I have read throughout Scripture the instances in which the word “gift, give, or giver” is used, a very simple truth has become clear to me.

True, biblical, Christ-glorfying giving looks the same then as it should now.

Feed the hungry. Clothe the naked. Give drink to the thirsty. This is our role as believers; to practically and simply do as Christ did. Show people that they belong, even if they don’t believe.

And when we do our part, the Lord does His.

He is in the business of bestowing peace, instilling hope, and bringing about joy.

This year, I want to invite you to do your part along side thousands of others who give through Compassion International. This Christmas, give a gift that will literally change a life. Give the gift of telling a child that they belong in the kingdom of God.

By giving a gift through Compassion’s Christmas catalog, you can pick from gifts like clean water, medical assistance, emergency feeding, and much more.

Please prayerfully considering partnering with Compassion in releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name!


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