On Making Plans. Never.

It didn’t take being married to The Pilot for very long to discover what has probably become the most important thing I have learned when it comes to the Marine Corp…

Everything is subject to change.

Everything from where you are sent, to when you are sent, to how long you stay there, to which deployment you’ll be slotted for. It all changes in the blink of any eye.

This constant change of plan and direction necessitates the ability to adapt. And if you don’t naturally adapt well, best of luck with the rest of your life.

I asked The Pilot once if his boss or his boss’s boss even cared about what he wanted to do or where he preferred to be stationed.  The Pilot smirked and simply said, “Nope. ‘Fraid he doesn’t.”

So if you are a planner or claim that your spiritual gift is that of control, then you’re in for a very lengthy sanctification process.

It’s not just learning how to adapt. It’s learning how not to be too excited for one option versus another. While The Pilot can turn in a “wish list,” (yes, that’s really what they call them), at the end of the day, his commanding officers could care less about his wishes.

Exhibit A:

Higher ranking officer to The Pilot: “Which coast would you prefer?”

The Pilot: “West, sir.”

Older guy: “Great. You’re going East.”

Exhibit B:

One Monday, higher ranking officer to the Pilot: “We’re sending you to this squadron.”

The Pilot: “Yes sir.”

On Tuesday, higher ranking officer to the Pilot: “Change of plan. We’re sending you to that squadron.”

The Pilot: “Yes sir.”

Exhibit C:

Higher ranking officer to The Pilot: “What’s your first choice of aircraft, Lieutenant?”

The Pilot: “Jets, sir.”

Older guy: “Ospreys it is! You start tomorrow.”

Adaptability. It’s a two way street. When The Pilot’s plans change, so do mine.

The Pilot: “I won’t be home until about 2:00am.”

Me: “Ok, I guess I’ll reschedule our dinner plans.”

The Pilot: “I have a 24 hour duty shift on Saturday.”

Me: “Great, just leave your credit card at home.”

The Pilot: “I have to be up at 4:30am for my 6:00am flight.”

Me: “Great. I always wanted to a pack a grown man his lunch in the middle of night.”

The Pilot: “I have to study tonight.”

Me: “Then I’ll get a pedicure so you can have some peace and quiet.”






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  1. Stef says:

    I lol’ed at the credit card and pedicure comment. This just goes to show that I really really miss you and I think you’re uber funny! Love you best friend!

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