On Moving & Starting From Square One

Destination: TBD

Moving is nothing new to me. I am really good at packing, but I’m even better at purging and leaving things behind that  I’d rather replace anyway I don’t really need.

Growing up, my family moved frequently. According to my last count, I lived in roughly a dozen homes from birth to age 18. Then, when it came time for me to go to college, I went out of state. After college graduation, I moved cross country yet again.

Needless to say, I can look back and see all ways that the Lord was using each move to season and prepare my spirit for change.

Enter The Pilot, a whirlwind romance, marriage and the Marine Corp.

But this first move as a Marine Wife has been a little harder than I anticipated. When I moved to Virginia from Texas to go to college I didn’t know anyone. However, I lived on a hall with 60 other girls from all over the country. We bonded quickly. Why? Cause none of knew what we were doing.

When I moved to Colorado Springs after college I didn’t know anyone. Turns out Colorado Springs is a melting pot of college grads who are single, looking for jobs, and… single. It didn’t take long to find friends I could relate to on every level because none of knew what we were doing. There’s a great deal of solace and encouragement that can be found when you befriend others who are just as clueless and scared as you are. You ban together. Have pot luck dinners. And you find older couples in the church that will invite you over for dinner on the nights you don’t have pot luck dinners.

Moving to Jacksonville, North Carolina though, has not looked like any of my past moving experiences. Everyone that I have met so far, knows exactly what they’re doing. Most, if not all, of the other Marine Wives I’ve met are not clueless. They are in fact clued-in, can speak the lingo of military acronyms fluently and perhaps most significantly, they are not newly weds.

I have moved to a community of Marine marriage veterans.  And that, for me, makes for the most intimidating element of immersion into this culture.

So many of the wives I have met married their pilots before they sold their soul to the Marine Corp. They  have walked through every step in the long journey of aviation training. Their exposure and experience to the lifestyle of a Marine, the prioritization of their time, and the sacrifice it inevitably demands, is something that can not really be explained.

There is an underlying comradery; a mutual, unspoken, understanding amongst the wives that they share in because only they know what it takes.

My time is coming when I too will pay my dues as a wife and wave “See you soon!” to The Pilot when he deploys. Until then, despite my intimidation, I’m doing my best to dive in head first to the unique sorority-like culture that is the life of a Marine wife.

More to come!


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